Dyllan White is a rising singer-songwriter. Listeners have streamed his music tens of thousands of times in the last year alone, including songs “Shit! I’m Hot!” and “Get Bk @ That.” Dyllan was born in the Philippines and raised in California. He now thrives in the hustle and bustle of New York City as his career begins to blossom.

Get to know more about Dyllan

“My head is always in a creative space. I find inspiration everywhere and I never know when it's going to strike. That’s why I love creating music.”

“I am self taught and love combining interesting sounds with unexpected instruments and moody chords/instrumentation. Mixing those with a danceable beat makes for fun, catchy songs to sing along to. I love combining darker instrumentals with lighter lyrics – it gives the track attitude & personality. Contrast is what makes things interesting and fresh.”

Things I like:

√ Creating music √ Body surfing / Beach √ Psychology √ Quality time with friends √ Museums √ Writing √ Dancing √ Being social √ Traveling √ Amusement parks √ Live shows √ Food √ Making people laugh √ Music Videos

My music

“Music is something I have devoted many years developing. It’s important to me to enjoy the process. I’ve done almost everything myself (minus the support of my friends who’ve lifted me up when people, things, even myself have brought me down).”

“My songs are unique, witty, wild and fun. People tell me they’ve never heard anything like them! Artistry is all about you. I put in the work and keep pushing.”

“I hope my music gives people confidence, or helps them through hard times. The records hit hard. They’re honest. They’re real. But most importantly… they’re me.”

I want you to know…

Some times I feel like I’m not good enough. I am really hard on myself. Aren’t we our own worst critics?”

“That’s why I make music. Cause I want us all to feel wild and free.”